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Pixel Groove Connections is a way of connecting with each other through art and music in a time where physical interactions are extremely limited. By bringing music and art to an online digital space, it creates a safe environment to simulate the feelings of being at a live physical event. Human beings are social creatures, and we crave connection and intimacy. This pandemic has hindered our ability to express these feelings and emotions in a way that we had previously taken for granted. I originally wanted to create some sort of physical, live interactive event or installation for this project, but was unable to due to the ongoing pandemic and health and safety protocols. Since the beginning of the pandemic though, I had seen multiple artists of different mediums bring their talent to Twitch, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live. This not only inspired me, but made me realize that even though physical events aren’t feasible at the time, the talent and creativity of artists would be able to live on, just in a different way. 

Like many others all over the world, I find escape in being able to participate in live electronic music events. My emotions during these nights could be considered cathartic, being able to attend a place where like-minded individuals could gather, unite and forget about our problems and stress from the outside world, and just listen and dance to music all night. When it comes to visual aspects of these events, visuals can have an impactful effect on the emotions of an audience member as well. From my own experiences as well as research that I did, I found that graphics which included shapes, lines, and pixels are easily understood by audiences, and if they were audio-reactive, then it adds another level of depth to the visuals. By putting those together with some incredible music provided by a good friend of mine, I was able to put on an interactive audio-visual performance on the streaming platform Twitch, where users could use commands to participate in the stream.




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